Friday, February 28, 2014

The Invisible Feb.28

The Invisible                            Feb.28

The kingdom of the Father stays hidden from the clever deceit of earthly motivations. It quietly resides in the way, when I said, “I am the Way.” So the kingdom settles into what becomes subtle reality. Yet it is an open secret to those who genuinely search. All God’s secrets are open to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The invisible shimmers all around you, ready to be discovered. The kingdom secrets are the kingdom truths. Watch for them daily.

Prayer: Lord, keep me ever attentive to your truths being shown every day through the little things.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Discovery Feb.27

Discovery                 Feb.27

My kingdom, the kingdom of Christ breathes within you. So in one sense, the more you discover your true self, the more you give opportunity to experience the kingdom. The false self, the one that wants only what it wants, is still with you. You must nail it to a cross daily. Try your best to respond with total honesty. Honesty does not mean you have to tell all your weaknesses to the public. Choose to tell the truth whenever an opportunity arises and let the true self grow.

Prayer: Especially today Lord, help me know the difference between the true self and the false.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Right Motivation Feb.26

Right Motivation                       Feb.26

A person’s spirit who becomes slave to a process of working or earning salvation remains inferior to a spirit who knows the thrill of adoption by the Father. He has made you sons and daughters through Me. I am your Way. This is why I told you to worship Me in spirit and in truth. The reality of adoption remains the truth. Your spirit needs to possess the joy of what I’ve done and NOT some earning of favor. Joy comes through praise.

Prayer: Lord, thank you I am your adopted sibling and reborn into your Kingdom.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grief Feb.25

Grief                         Feb.25

If you grieve as the Father wills it, then it is all right because this grief can lead to repentance. Grief that leads to human guilt is not of God. Any kind of worldly grief or guilt produces a path to death, your enemy. You can grieve the passing of a loved one or for other unjust issues in the world, but let your hurt remain in faith by Me who has the final power over death.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you remain the Comforter for any heartache.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Idols Feb.24

Idols                Feb.24

   Eros, the kind that loves in order to get something back, may create knowledge. But knowledge can puff up with pride. Agape love, the kind that loves like the Heavenly Father’s love, builds up other-centered motives. Be alert.  Any temporary thing, individual, or system that becomes an obsession can become an idol, your god, if it tries to establish and claim the absolute truth for the self alone. To avoid idol making, let the Holy Spirit show you the only two absolutes in your thinking: Me and My kingdom.

Prayer: Lord, please keep my faith strong in the events of your kingdom.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Glory Feb.23

Glory                                Feb.23

EVERYTHING------Yes, everything, was made for the glory of the Father. He bestowed upon Me all things, the universe, creation, the souls, the very essence of humanity. I am the Way of Art. I am the Way of Nature. I am the Way of Beauty. I am Life. All things, even the smallest act, are to glorify the Father. In Him, all things hold together. Chaos would reign without our Glory.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the beauty you send and the forgiveness of your Grace.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Presence Feb.22

Presence                  Feb.22

        I have said to you that I would be with you always because the kingdom stays among you. The only separations occur from things like an unloving act, an experience of no joy, when you are impatient, when you lack peace, when avoiding acts of kindness, misdirecting decisions of faithlessness, when you are out of control, when you push justice without mercy. And even in all of those, I am still here, but your own awareness brings us together or pushes us further apart. Your own nature condemns, not Me. Your worthiness is not the issue. Accepting My presence and forgiveness is.

Prayer: Lord, forgive my impatience and keep me on your path.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kingdom Guidelines Feb.21

Kingdom Guidelines                  Feb.21
        Remember the realm of My kingdom maintains different values than the earthly conditions.  The motivation of My kingdom displays complete order, complete honesty, complete resources, and complete success. There are no mistakes. There exists no failure. Right doing and mercy vibrate in equal amounts. Your broken mind can only imagine some of the wholeness of the kingdom but it is still available for you and all who will enter. Perfect love stays available to you as natural as soothing moisture follows a humid sky.

Prayer: Lord, help me today receive your perfect love in all things.

Awareness Feb.20

Awareness                       Feb. 20
        When I say pay attention to Me, become aware of Me, I am saying you must enter a different condition and experience. You must develop your spirit's consciousness because I do not often come to you in a form your human senses understand. My realm remains spirit. That's why it requires the Holy Spirit to create a bridge between My realm and your physical dimension. Your spirit essence can grasp the Holy Spirit when you allow the blending to happen. Just ask. I am never reluctant to give when you are able to receive. Find a quiet place, rest your mind from talking. If needed watch a tree, a bird, a painting, a flower, a sunset. Let your body go limp and you can make yourself ready for the spirit to operate. Then I can speak to you more clearly.

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me today shut off the self-talk enough to really hear your message in my spirit.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Effort Feb.19

Effort                                       Feb.19
        Often, your culture will say, do something to solve the problem. And when you do not have an answer, you fret and worry, sometimes over the least little thing. This occasion lets fear raise its ugly head and creates a caution which blocks faith. You need to stop what you're doing, take a deep breath and call upon My presence. As you recognize Me, you may rest in the faith that I am always the avenue of the best answers. Especially do this when you are extremely tired of this earth. Rest and meditate on Me because then, you will hear better what My more perfect plans are for you and the future. Never let the body drive the spirit. Stop and let the spirit direct the body in its freedom of choice.

Prayer: Lord, make me ever sensitive to your Spirit as motivator of life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be Careful of Words Feb.18

Be Careful of Words          Feb. 18
        Often, you need to listen. Remember the story of Babel. When people quit turning to ME, they invented a plan for words to solve life. They found too much sanctuary in words. They wanted some kind of safe haven in united language. Words are powerful, but they are not the last resort. They may climb high but not as high as solid communion with ME. Be still and HEAR MY will. Do not force your speech. When we walk together as friends, you do not have to wonder what happens next. Your actions will flow naturally from our time together.

Prayer: Lord, help me follow only your words and use them wisely.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jehovah Grace Feb.17

Jehovah Grace                      Feb. 17
        Grace remains the Father’s initiative set in motion. The Father’s initiative is His reconciliation. His reconciliation loved you when you did not know to seek Him. He still searches for you in the shadows. Through your faith, by Grace, you have been saved.  Grace remains a special gift you have received, that when you employ it, you serve others as good stewards. The Father makes all Grace available to you so you may be efficient in all things. In fact, you will have abundance for any good deed. What is it that stops Grace? The root of bitterness can spring up from within and defile.  Pride is the cause of the beginnings of ill-will and the absence of Grace. The hostility of ill-will corrodes and leads to hate. Hard feelings creep in subtly. I cannot abide hate in your heart. You must make sure bitterness does not block Grace. Humility directs the road to Grace. Humble yourself through forgiveness, even to those who do not deserve anything. The Father has promised that Grace will work in and through you. But you must also do your part. He keeps His promises.

Prayer: Lord, help me remove all pride and keep the heart of a servant.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holy Spirit Energy Feb.16

Holy Spirit Energy             Feb.16
        I have said to you that I AM the Way, continued consciousness, the creative immanence that pulsates throughout the cosmos, even into your personal world. I am always spontaneous, inventing the fresh and the new for your sake. I present a mystery for you. I AM the same but never the same. You can only know ME in the intangible. People are tangible. Human love is tangible. I am here, not out there. If you bury ME, I will stay buried. If you resurrect ME, I will linger with you. More blessed is the one who walks constantly in the Lord, who keeps the way blameless, who seeks ME with all the heart.

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me to rid myself of every unkindness and unloving part of my nature.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stay Alert Feb.15

Stay Alert              Feb.15
To know HOW to practice MY presence gives power and strength you need to endure this world's struggles. Whatever prayers get answered, whatever healing takes place, whatever miracles you claim----the most significant event remains the time you spend with ME, in MY presence, aware that you are a joint heir in the kingdom. Stay aware by raising your alert ability and know ME daily. Pay attention to the silences.

Prayer: Lord, remind me every chance you are here.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Knowledge Feb.14

Knowledge                       Feb. 14
        Love can penetrate MY realm and kingdom, human knowledge never will. You cannot know enough about the Father, except through Me. And that may take a lifetime. There remains nothing the Father does not know about you. Keep learning, by practicing unconditional love.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that love can be learned with your help.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Word Never Old Feb.13

Word Never Old                        Feb. 13
        I have shown you a constant mystery, even in salvation. The things of the Father keep spreading outward, escalating such that every idea can become new. Once you think you have hold of some truth, look again because I will inject new revelation. You can never get hold of all of the Spirit. Freshness can be the motivating, vibrating energy. Newness is linked with forgiveness and keeps renewing the mind, body and spirit.

Prayer: Lord, renew every part of me today with a fresh outlook at the world.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Difference Feb.12

What Difference                Feb. 12
        At times, you need to consider what difference it really makes that you call yourself Christian. One of the major variations of your life should be that you make a conscious effort to practice other-centeredness, whether you benefit from the experience or not. When dealing with people who misunderstand you, just say, in Jesus name and proceed to serve others the best you can. Do not defend yourself. Remember I am made strong through your weakness. These are the times I can do My miracles. Peace shows loving faith at rest in ME. For you in time, mature unconditional love does not have to THINK of just responds.

Prayer: Lord, help me respond with your love as natural as breathing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inaction Irony Feb.11

Inaction Irony                  Feb.11
                Much pursuit of happiness moves you toward comfort. There appears no discomfort in possessing everything you want. There remains no struggle, no growth in too much ease. There is a time to rest in Me, but striving only for ease will leave you static and stuck. Soon, you would stagnate like a pond that never receives fresh water. The flesh wants to design life for indulgence. This hides itself as your most subtle war. Remember, you grow through effort, through trying. I taught you are to make disciples. You exist as your best disciple.

Prayer: Lord, help me know the best balance between rest and effort for kingdom growth.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cultivate Your Walk Feb.10

Cultivate Your Walk                  Feb.10
                Simply practice what I left you. Renounce the earthly self daily. Use other-centered compassion on those who do not deserve it. Find your strength in ME and let others be great. Continually search for right doing. Give away parts of yourself, like consideration. Flush out strife and non-forgiveness daily. Listen to the enmity of others but rest at peace. Exercise your ability to absorb the anger of others. Work on conquering pain by learning to use it for the kingdom.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us guidelines to walk in your kingdom.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Divine Opposites Feb.9

Divine Opposites              Feb.9       
Trust required of the Father instructs you:
* What deserves justice, give mercy.
* What appears painful may be the route to relieve pain.
* What seems dangerous may be the way to true safety.
* What needs to receive your hate, needs your love.
Place confidence in ME, like in a doctor, who has to give more pain when he quickly sets a dislocated shoulder. In a vulnerable way, give yourself to Me, like in sleep. MY ways are surer than humanity's ways.

Prayer: Lord, help me pay close attention to the manner you think and operate instead of strictly human efforts.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Unexplained Hurt Feb.8

Unexplained Hurt                      Feb. 8
        When suffering of any kind becomes your condition, do not look backward in time and ask questions like, Where is God? or Why did God not intervene? Rather ask: How may I remain faithful in this present circumstance?  How can I turn any suffering to honor the Father? Then, tell yourself to look to the present and future of the author of your salvation. I AM still in control. Keep trusting the mystery, especially the puzzle of pain. Truly, you have conquered every death through Me.

Prayer: Lord although I do not understand all suffering, help me turn any condition to you.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Thinking Feb.7

Thinking                   Feb.7

        Onetime I said through My apostle Paul that you should renew your mind and be transformed in nature to discern the will of God. Sometimes you really are what you think. Some days you meditate too much with your emotions, not thinking upon the unlimited resources of the Father. The mind stays an important switch that can be thrown toward negative influences or toward the winning aspect of truth. You are chosen to represent Me. The truth has set you free. As you think in your mind, so you will be.

Prayer: Lord, keep me viewing the right perspectives throughout any given day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Daily Tasks Feb.6

Daily Tasks               Feb. 6
        When you make a long trip or go on vacation, you always look forward to arriving at your destination. But if you are not careful, the little activities along the way get overlooked as trivial because you are so focused on the big finish of the trip. You may not feel the little things in life are important enough to bring to Me, but perform the everyday tasks in My name and in My love and your whole day will have a better consciousness of the kingdom workings.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for reminding me that every little thing matters when we are linked to your kingdom.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Powers Feb,5

Three Powers           Feb. 5
        Love brings power. Joy radiates power. Peace vibrates power. Each sustains unlimited energy. Each current produces wave after wave of spiritual vigor. But if you will embrace ME daily, you can combine the three to push out every negative and actually meet all your needs.
        One active way to raise consciousness of all traits: As you walk your many routines, raise your hand in a palm out gesture toward people and say silently, in the name of Jesus, take love, joy and peace.  This action spreads the power blanket of each process over your fellow human beings and reminds you of my presence.

Prayer: Lord, help me daily to lift my hand for you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Active Faith Jan.4

Active Faith              Feb. 4
        Talking to ME, what you call prayer remains the package of faith, return address guaranteed. Send out your faith like you would a gift. I will take care of those who need to receive. Then, I will return to you a more quality of faith.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for reminding me of the action of prayer. Keep me connected.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Forward Thinking Feb,3

Forward Thinking               Feb. 3
        When you daydream with your mind’s eye, look forward not backward. See what can lie before you, not dwell on experiences already done. See what you need for the present and maybe the future, not what has passed. Envision yourself working through the details of what CAN happen next, but do not project further than your faith. You need not be anxious about this. If nothing comes to mind, then listen more closely with your spiritual ears. I and the Father are One and speak to you constantly. Calm your body; shut down your self talk, and listen with clear focus upon MY words.

Prayer: Lord, help me maintain the right faith today to listen what may be next.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Release Control Feb.2

Release Control                Feb. 2
        Sometimes when you pray and agonize for someone and that person doesn't make it like you thought, you need to release them to me. You need not hold on to some thought that suggests you should fix everything, especially by prayer. Let go of the feeling you have to clutch, and hold, and keep control.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live each day like I would fall forward and know you are there to catch me.      

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Assurance Feb.1

Assurance         Feb.1

        The eternal life I have given you remains the energy that flows through you to restore, heal, and renew others. Give full awareness to that life for it is the evidence that the Holy Spirit works. Say the words, “I breathe in the Holy Spirit; I breathe out corruption” as you actually breathe. You are secure in that life.


Prayer: Lord, thank you for the security of the Holy Spirit’s presence.